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Why Vu-Bridge?
A long time ago, I used to practice with Autobridge, a simple little learning box into which one could slide printed out bridge hands. These hands were organized by categories, and came with due explanations on the back of the page.

Back in those days I could spend all night with Autobridge.

Vu-Bridge is the 2011 web version of that box where you can play the hands from within your favorite web browser, PC or Mac..

Simply put, reporting bridge hands on a blog / website / bridge magazine / e-Book is a 2D (2 dimensional) process:
The hand is printed on the page and there is no interaction from the player.

As opposed to Vu-Bridge hands, which are in "3D": the reader becomes a player and discover the hands as if he sits at the table.
Only experts can read a hand "2D" and make it become "3D" in their mind.

Other solar system denizens (for the most part humans, in addition to the Rueful Rabbit, the Toucan and the Walrus) stay locked in "2D" and will benefit from a link to play the hand in VuBridge.

Here is the best example I've found so far: Click to Play "The Substitute" hand.
Don't miss it if you don't now the hand!
Then compare with reading hands from any website!

Vu-Bridge is free!... And my goal is to build up a large bridge players community, gathering:
  • Bridge Players from all skill levels
  • Bridge Clubs and Bridge bloggers that will publish interesting hands on their website, with a link to play using Vu-Bridge.
  • Teachers that will prepare lesson hands for their students to play
  • Experts and Champions who will study their opponent play
  • Bridge press who will report hands from championships an let their readers play with a link to Vu-Bridge
  • Bridge Writers who will create lively bridge e-books

Try Vu-Bridge now! Click here.


Who is behind?

Vu-Bridge is a private initiative, and has been created by Didier Lévy, a french seasoned IT consultant and software developer, and most importantly a keen Bridge player living in Guadeloupe, French West Indies.

My aim is to provide a platform for bridge players, teachers and experts that is:
  • Powerful yet simple

  • Elegant

  • Easy to use
To contact me, click here.