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  • Vubridge V-Green - 10 Seasons
  • Vubridge Expert Kit: Counting - 24 Lessons
  • Vubridge New Quiz Expert - 10 Lessons
  • Vubridge Two Over One Transition Kit - 14 Lessons

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Vubridge Two Over One Transition Kit

Learn 2/1 the easy way and get to grips with the most competitive system good players use nowadays.

  • Easily move from Standard American to 2/1
  • Learn both the Forcing NT to a major suit opener and the meaning of a 2-level response.
  • Learn the bidding principals of 2/1 in order to bid your hands accurately.
  • Bid games and slams with confidence with this improved bidding system.
  • Learn the most popular conventions that usually go with 2/1.
  • Make sure you understand the system thanks to our "Bid A Hand" quizzes.

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Vubridge New Quiz Beginner:
Vital Questions Answered!

Accurate bidding is clearly the most important part of your bridge skills: a team cannot achieve good results when its players arrive in the wrong contracts!

  • When is a bid forcing, or not?
  • How to judge if you have the values for a slam
  • How to avoid bidding slams with a cashable ace-king outstanding
  • How to counter opponents' preempts. particularly weak-two openings
  • How to make opponents' life awkward by pre-empting more often
  • How to respond accurately to take-out doubles
  • Can you open 1 or 2 Notrump with a 5-card Major?
  • And much more...

Edited by the famous author David Bird*, this collection is a revised, augmented  and topic-sorted collection of hundreds and hundreds of quizzes. They will help you and your partner bid better,  manage tricky bidding situations and get into the best contract more often.

*In 2022, David, together with Barbara Seagram, has won the "Book of the Year" award from the American Bridge Teachers Association.
This is the 10th ABTA award of his career!

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Topics List

  • Suit Openings and Responses
  • 1Notrump Opening
  • Openers Rebid
  • Responders Rebid
  • Overcalls
  • Balancing
  • Takeout Doubles
  • Negative, Responsive and Competitive Doubles
  • Slam Bidding
  • Weak Twos
  • High Preempts

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Vubridge New Quiz Expert:

Accurate bidding is clearly the most important part of your bridge skills: a team cannot achieve good results when its players arrive in the wrong contracts!

It is equally important to disrupt the opponents' bidding, by removing their bidding space. Learn what risks are worthwhile when you pre-empt.

  • Whatever system you play, accurate bidding judgment is essential
  • The 10 new lessons contain 180 quizzes and 900 bidding problems
  • All the deals are from international and world-level championships.
  • Compare your answers with the experts who first played the deals
  • After each bidding problem, study how the play went in contracts reached.
  • World champion, Bobby Wolff, presents 300 low-level quiz deals
  • David Bird, author of 160 books, presents 600 championship bidding problems
  • Many high-level competitive deals from top-level play are included
  • Improve your bidding judgment by returning to the lessons time and again

Edited by the famous author David Bird

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Vubridge Expert Kit -All About Counting!

Learn to Think like an Expert

Many a bridge player would like to become an expert! That's NOT an easy task, even though on some bridge playing websites about a half of the attendance are self-bombarded (so-called) experts!

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Increase your tournament results by more than 4% within three month!

Play Sample Hands

Vu-Bridge helps you plan your play of the cards with accuracy.

Play prepared hands with the best authors:

  • Phillip Alder - New york Times
  • David Bird - London Evening Standard
  • Eddie Kantar
  • Marti Ronemus
  • Frank Stewart - Herald Tribune
  • And many more...

Interactive comments will guide you through the bidding and play, just when needed.
Once you've played about 50 Vu-Bridge hands you'll feel your skills growing up!

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